Plugin Update

Gazmog Gazmog: about 1 month ago
First, I don't know if i'm supposed to ask a plugin update here, and if I'm not, tell me where I'm supposed to please :)

I wanted to ask if it's possible to update the plugin EpicSpawners in due to some glitches in the actual version (6.4.6 Core 2.4.6)
On Songoda's server, they say this glitch is corrected since 6.4.9 and the latest version is 6.4.10

If someone could update this plugin it would be so helpful :)



Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: about 1 month ago
Use wildstacker, the songoda plugins are actually garbage
Gazmog Gazmog: about 1 month ago
I asked for an update, not for what you think about songodas plugins...
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: about 1 month ago
I'm just helping you, with my experience of the songoda plugin, the database sometimes gets randomly corrupted and you lose all your spawner data.

I highly reccomend you to use WildStacker, it has a lot less bugs. Is more optimized. And the config is very easy to customize in game.

Do with this what you want, but it would be sad if your server would fall apart thanks to songoda's plugins.