Give info on how the respawn timer works

83y 83y: about 1 month ago
1. If you have posted in discord and tell me to go look there, I cant view it as I am perm banned.
2. It seems to vary from 3 to 5 seconds but idk please explain in game of how it works.


IBelleOwO_ IBelleOwO_: about 1 month ago
How it works is if many players are in warzone, the respawn timer will be 5 seconds, but if there are only a few players, the respawn timer will be reduced down to 3 seconds, I think it can sometimes be 2 seconds if it has very few players but I am not sure.
Partydragen Partydragen: about 1 month ago
1 sec if there is 4 or less
3 sec if there is 10 or less
5 sec if there is more than 10
83y 83y: about 1 month ago
Is that for people playing or in the total?