DebitCardz DebitCardz: about 1 month ago
Skript data storage is inefficient, we all know it. Every variable loads up on start which can make your server take minutes to load back up, It's very time consuming to wait 1+ minutes for all your normal plugins to load in and then waiting 2 more minutes for your thousands of skript variables to load on startup, Off-loading those variables to MongoDB is more effective because your server no longer has to strain itself on loading up all those variables at once and MongoSK is currently being more maintained than Skript-DB, Consider adding this to playerservers as it would help developers out drastically in datastorage.


Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: about 1 month ago
Are you just suggesting this because you can’t figure out how to do something in skript-db
DebitCardz DebitCardz: about 1 month ago
Skript-db is not really being maintained anymore, also there's an issue in Skript 2.5 where trying to use a function as such,
function t(test: string):
execute "INSERT INTO test ( something ) VALUES ( %{_test}% );"
will set {_test} as null, there's no workaround and it's just broken.