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IGN: Partydragen
by Partydragen » over 5 years ago

Create your own server

To create a server just use "/ps create" then you own a server already in our network :D

Then you can join your server by using "/ps home"

If you want to install plugins on your Playerservers u can use "/plugin" that open a list with many plugins you can install

Try to get many to play on server :D Maybe u create some special that players will love who know :P


Note: Self its your PlayerServer its not allowed to Advartise or use Hacks
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IGN: Interstellar_Fan
by Interstellar_Fan » about 1 year ago
Can i apply for staff?

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IGN: Iron_Kevin
by Iron_Kevin » about 1 year ago
If you click on ''More'' at the top, you can see ''Staff applications''.  Why are you reacting on a 4 year old topic? 

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I am currently Owner and Founder of PS_Movement. A KitPvP server. And PS_Oneshot is my playerserver.

Currently perm banned from CubedCraft | RIP.

Love you all guys <3


Discord: Nice_Pro_Clicker#3662. You can always add me on Discord if you need any help on the CubedCraft network, or if you want to have a talk with me.