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IGN: iOussama_
by iOussama_ » about 1 year ago
Hello CubedCraft People!
I'm here to announce my first tutorial here.

- Only for new people! :D

1) What server should I make?
First, if you wanna start a successful server, You have to choose a perfect idea to make that anybody has made or copy it (ex. MinePvP, Factions, Creative, etc...)
2) What perfect plugins should I use?
 If you wanna add some plugins that would help you through your server, I  will list the best plugins category to use here:​​​​​​
  • Permissions: LuckPerms, GroupManager, PermissionsEX.
  • Moderation: AdvancedBan, Essentials, UltimateModeration.
  • GUI's: DeluxeMenus, TusKe, orSkQuery (Requires Skript), CreateYourOwnMenus, ChestCommands.
  • Accessories: UltraCosmetics, GadgetsMenu, SuperTrails.
  • Store: BuyCraft, CraftingStore, Enjin.
  • GameModes: EggwarsX, SkywarsX, BedwarsRel, BattleRoyale.
3) How do I edit my plugins and add stuff?
If you wanna edit everything on your server, I suggest you do these steps:
  • Go to
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the dashboard.
  • Select your server.
  • Go to the FileManager.
  • And that's it! You can do whatever you want on it!
4) I have a problem or an Issue, how do I report it?
If you have gotten a problem or an error, Follow These Steps:
  • Join CubedCraft's Discord Server.
  • Open a Ticket. (Type !ticket new <your problem="">).</your>
  • Specific them ur problem.
  • And the staff will try to figure and give you a solution to your problem.

                                                  â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹                         â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹                         â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹       
And that's it!

If you have some suggestions for the next tutorial
Let me know in the comments!

Best Wishes to everyone,

~Oussama <3

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IGN: Cerqy
by Cerqy » about 1 year ago
Please for goodness sake DO NOT use GroupManager, it's half broken on 1.12 and lower. PEX is also a little buggy but it's okay. I use luckperms. Otherwise the tutorial is good!


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IGN: Facchinialffredo
by Facchinialffredo » about 1 year ago
Tutorial to make a playerserver:



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IGN: Commodore640
by Commodore640 » about 1 year ago
I generally don't like copycat servers. Something origional woiuld be excellent. 

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IGN: BFNotFound_
by BFNotFound_ » about 1 year ago
well i dont know if there could be any original ideas anymore, we just play box servers half the time.

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IGN: iiFinals
by iiFinals » about 1 year ago
However originality seems better, in my opinion.

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IGN: Zanxio
by Zanxio » 8 months ago

How do i do the prefixes for ranks



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IGN: xGayEmoChanXUwU
by xGayEmoChanXUwU » 8 months ago

_Socks_ Idk if im suppost to reply here (Since its my first time actually replying to a post on this kind of thing)

But to make a prefix for ranks is you do something simular /manugani

Since im banned i can forget but try something like that.